The Longest Drive

by A Better Hand

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released March 12, 2017

Pre Production by Kyle Black
Recorded and Mastered by John Naclerio at Nada Recording Studio
Mixed by Zack Odom & Kenneth Mount at ZK Productions
Videography by Alex Aman
Additional Videography by Jesse Rubbelke
Artwork by Copycats Media

All songs written by A Better Hand



all rights reserved


A Better Hand Minneapolis, Minnesota

High energy punk pop band for listeners of bands like All Time Low, Blink 182, State Champs, and Sum 41

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Track Name: Never Coming Home
Growing up in a hopeless situation
Out of touch, we’re the innocence wasted
Giving into the way we were brought up
Fitting in was never the way for us
Woah, woah, this is how it all goes
Woah, woah, this is how it all goes down
And now I’m thinkin’
I'll be awake while the city’s sleeping
On the skyline where you’ll never reach me
Oh, I’m never coming home
I wanna know how it feels to fly
We’re taking our chance it’s do or die and
I'm seeing clear for the first time
OH, a whole new scenario
I’ll be the sound on your stereo
Turn it up, lose control
We know where we belong
And now I’m thinkin’
Turn it up, lose control
And now I'm thinkin’
I’m thinking maybe I’m in over my head
Drowning in hopeless desperation
I wanna stay this young forever
Taking our chance we’ll stand together
Oh, we’re never coming home
Track Name: Coffee Plz
Waiting for the light to die
Can I get some sleep tonight
She was never satisfied
Didn't mean to waste your time
And it feels like this night will never end
I’m thinking about all the things you said
Get it through your head
It’s a little too late
To set this straight
I’m sick of you
All the things you do
String me along cuz
You know it’s wrong
All that you wanted were all the things i’ll never be
My worst expectations are taking their toll on me
I’m not okay, it’s every day
What's the point to carry on?
Everything I said just came out wrong
We knew it all along
Say it like you mean it say it like you always do
Say it like you mean it say it like you wanted to
You and I both know this isn't right so
Don't try and say I'm wrong
If you cannot save me
You’ll never make me
This ship is sailing on
Track Name: Rounding Third
I’d curve the pitch just right
Unlike any other night
These double plays have got you in my sights
Your hits they complicate every move you make
So catch me in a moment
But make sure I stay caught up in you
I'm pointing up cuz this ones gone
It's the bottom of the ninth
Wish the ref would just call time
I could make you mine with this homerun pickup line
Stuck on second I'm halfway home
One more strike and i’ll go home alone
Pop flies and rally caps, now you’re taking me down
Spinning my head around
Let's make a shortstop where we are
In the dugout you’re a star
We’re settling the score now
But it seems like nothing I do is getting me closer to you
Don't leave me hanging like you always do
I'm rounding third, we’re almost home
I'm rounding third, we’re so close
Track Name: Great Kid, Don't Get Cocky
From the top of the world we watched you
Burn down the cities that you built
You're in way over your head
And no one’s gonna hear you now
So why the sudden change of heart?
When every nights another fight
We keep on waging the same wars
If you only knew we’re better off without you
Living in a dream I've crossed the line
Between what's real and what is mine
I want this life but can it be
Your words have gotten to me
You say wake up you're only wasting time
And now I'm falling, falling behind
You're the perfect sharpened edge
On a cunning silver blade
Make no mistake
You're just a lying egotistical fake
You're sorry now that I'm gone
Track Name: So Long Goodbye
We spin just like a broken record
Playing over just so we can be heard
Now I'm counting shooting stars
And I wonder if you see them where you are
And it's the longest drive
Now I'm following my headlights home tonight
So long, goodbye
This is the last moment we have
Will you miss me when I'm not here tomorrow
I followed, I followed you
Pull me under, watch me drown
I followed, I followed you
But I could never stick around
Can anyone else out there relate
I never gave myself the time to appreciate
The miracles this world can offer
Everything you said, why'd you even bother
And it's the longest drive
With these images of you clouding my mind
So long goodbye
And I swear this is the last time
I won't ever let you back into my life
So long goodbye
I will, not go
Go through this anymore